Wow! I don’t know how I came across this article

“Why interns don’t deserve pay”.

But I can’t even begin to describe the hundred million ways in which each and every point made by the self-righteous moron who wrote it, is completely and utterly wrong.

I do agree that interns suing companies for back pay and referring to themselves as “slaves” is a little preposterous considering these were probably young people privileged enough to be able to afford to do internships in the first place.

However, the whole point of the backlash against internships is that they are exploitative. And in this era, they are exploiting young people who have probably already been forced to pay University fees 7.5x higher than when I started Uni (2004), and then have been basically forced to pay for Masters courses in order to be able to compete for what used to be graduate level jobs (or even to qualify for internships).

Finally, the most nauseating part of this article appears in its final paragraph, where the author appears to think it’s OK that “Resilient working-class kids have for years topped up their internships with Saturday jobs or evening work, while kipping on a friend’s couch to cut outgoings”. I think that speaks for itself.