Extremes of Mood: Desolation

As anyone with BPD will be able to tell you, the emotions can be deep, sudden and intense. This picture represents the a feeling of sadness, despair, emptiness and loneliness so deep and overwhelming that I could only describe it as desolation.

In the sky are written all of the negative thoughts that I was being flooded with whilst experiencing this episode. I deliberately obscured them so they could never be read (I don’t even know what they say) because the creation of this picture was an outpouring of pain, and I did not want to preserve those negative thoughts about myself, as to me this would make them feel real. Rather, I wanted to get them out and then wash them away. And in this way, this picture felt very healing.

img_2190-1Art Journal Sketch Series. Watercolour Pencil on Paper. Copyright Katy Matilda Neo, June 2016.