Am I Safe?

I’m bursting with anger,
I’ve had quite enough
Of the sound of your voice
The same sound you LOVE
If this carries on,
I might run away.
I’ve stormed out once,
It gets harder to stay.

I know I seem patient
Chilled out and all.
But I dare you to test that,
Watch me hit the wall.
I’m reaching the end,
Of a very long tether.
I’m almost excited,
Storms ARE the best weather.

And I’ll make you a storm,
If that’s what you want.
I’ll blow you to pieces,
That IS my wont.
The anger is growing,
Growing in size,
Boiling my blood,
Burning my eyes.

You try to connect,
You get a dead stare.
You don’t see the anger
But be warned, it’s there.
And one of these days,
I fear (and hope) soon.
It’s going to erupt,
And burn down that room.

And then you’ll see,
The worst of me.
And when you know,
How bad I can be.
Then you’ll show me,
How you deal with that.
And then I’ll know,
Am I safe?

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Accompanying images “You Won’t Want to be There When She Blows” and “Into the Eye of the Storm“.

Copyright Katy Matilda Neo 26/06/16