Safety and Boundaries


The above is an Instagram post I felt it necessary to make this week. The story behind this post is that some absolute asshole creep managed, somehow, to get hold of my name, my phone number and some very personal details. He used this to make malicious phone calls of a sexual nature. I was completely traumatised by this experience. I needed emergency support from my therapist, as well as an incredible amount of love and support from friends and family. A terrifying dissociative episode was triggered, as well as my agoraphobia and paranoia about being watched, followed, attacked, etc.

The police have obviously been informed, and are taking the incidenct very seriously. An open crime report now exists and I will have immediate police attendance at my house should anything further occur.

I have also taken precautions to increase my personal and online security, including obvious measures, such as removing all images of myself and anything linked to where I live etc., from all online profiles. This makes me sad as I did not believe this would be necessary but I guess there are nasty people out there (I should have learnt that by now, eh?!).

Something that has made me even sadder is that in order to feel safe I have felt that it was necessary to unfriend anyone I don’t know personally (and well) from my personal facebook account.

It really saddens me to share this information, I wish it wasn’t. necessary, but this person has made me feel so vulnerable and unsafe that I no longer trust acquaintances, let alone people I only know via the internet.

Sorry to anyone who has been deleted, but it was a necessary part of my recovery from this traumatic invasion of my privacy.

Keep safe guys 💜💜💜 KMN.