My Office 😂 (on recovery and a post therapy life)

Another brief “life update” post….

I thought it was about time I built myself a proper, grown up workspace… so this happened… 

Image (and office space design 😂😂) Copyright Katy Matilda Neo, 2017.

…and yeah, those are unicorn and rainbow stickers on the back of my brand new and very sensible Katy proof Lenovo Thinkpad (spill and drop proof, and delightfully ugly – I love ugly design!). [no prizes for guessing how I broke my last few laptops…😂].

And that’s right, that IS a pile of cuddly toys and a hot water bottle along with a pill packet in the corner. That’s right folks, I rock adulting. 

This IS the way adulting should be in my opinion. Having the freedom to choose how you live and to ensure your comfort at all times and therefore create the optimum environment in which you can flourish.

I really hope that one day I can find a post therapy life that allows me to create my own workspaces to fit around my fluctuating mental health needs. 

Because even when “recovered” I will always have a mental health to take care of, just as I have a physical health to look after. 

And being allowed this level of flexibility in my working conditions would really contribute towards a “Life Worth Living” for me. 

Even if when I go back to work, it isn’t to my ideal job, I think I could be happy if I had this level of flexibility.