The Littlest Parts are the Bravest

A huge part of my road to recovery had been getting to know and then learning to acknowledge, accept and respond appropriately to several “child” parts of myself (I collectively call them “the little ones”). The little ones have been especially noisy lately because a new and very young and confused one has popped out to join them. 

She has appeared in my last few art Journal posts. She is pure emotion, especially sadness and joy. And all the little ones find trust and separation hard, but for her, it’s terrifying. 

We are having to do some really BIG trusting over what to us is a really big separation – we have to trust that it’s not an ending. The littlest one has found this hardest of all and has been extremely distressed, to a debilitating level at times. I have comforted and reassured and bargained with her (as I have gradually learnt to do with the little ones in therapy). And she has been SO good since. She is still terrified, but she is trying to trust. And that is so hard for her. 

So I bought her a present: this UNICORN!!!! Her name is Unicorn, and she is here to help us learn to be brave and happy.

Because she loves unicorns and so do I! And I realised that all of my little ones have a toy of their own, except for her, so it was about time she got a treat instead of being told off for expressing her fears. 

Today she is jumping and squealing for joy!!!

Text and Images Copyright Katy Matilda Neo, 2017.