Featured on The Mighty (The Tiniest Russian doll and On Art, epilogue)

The majority of the content already exists on this website, but I just wanted to share these two pieces I’ve recently had accepted for publication on The Mighty. 

I’m really proud of these as submitting them was a huge step for me in overcoming the crippling perfectionism and fear of rejection that had stopped me from submitting anything to them previously.

So, as I’m sure you can appreciate, I took a really big risk by Katy Matilda Neo’s standards.

And I’m so pleased to be able to say it was worth it and they have chosen some of my favourite pieces to feature (watch this space – more articles in the editing process, due out soon).
And I’m so excited both about the opportunity to share my experiences with a much wider audience. 

And I’m so proud of myself for doing it, and not feeling ashamed, and accepting the fact that they independently decided my writing was sufficiently interesting and well written. And that’s as close to self praise as I can get for now!

The Many Ways Art Has Colored My Recovery and Erased My Shame

The Tiniest Russian Doll: A Poem About Dissociation