New Publication: DBT Therapy Works!

I’m pleased to have had another piece accepted for publication on The Mighty

A piece on a realisation I had recently that my therapy had embedded newer, healthier behaviours into my automatic behavioural response system.
How I Knew My Therapy Was Working: The Day I Used Self-Care Instead of Self-Harm. Originally published on this blog under the title I Did Self-Care When Life Got Tough“.

“So to anyone out there struggling and wondering if therapy might help, I say, yes! Go for it. I had no idea I could change, but I have and I couldn’t have done it without DBT and an incredibly committed individual therapist. Therapy changed my life and I get better every day.”

Therapy is damn hard work, but it’s worth it. 

If you find a good fit with your therapist, and the right type of therapy for you, it really does work! 

I’m living proof!! There is hope!