Is It Possible That I Could Just Take Them Off?

You’ve heard of “rose tinted glasses”, I’m sure. Well, it strikes me that I have spent most of my life seeing the world through the opposite – I’m still baffled as to what else it might be possible to see… but I begin to question my world view. In that it might just be my perspective, and that perspective might be skewed, rather than the way I see the world being the way it really is. An interesting thought as I always considered myself a pragmatist and a realist when it comes to the way I see the world. But it occurs to me that I could be wrong. And if I am, there is something exciting to see if I can only work out how to remove these glasses!
Art Journal Sketch Series. Watercolour Pencil on Paper. Copyright Katy Matilda Neo, 21 August 2017.