My Mental Health in VR: BBC Three and Me!

The first episode of BBC three short “My Mental Health in VR” features me talking about some of the symptoms I experience as part of BPD, interspersed with visualisations of these, drawn using Tiltbrush Virtual Reality Technology!!

It’s a great mini-insight into my world, although only 3 minutes long (I filmed for 3 hours) and I’m a bit disappointed that no background information was provided about BPD.

Without any background info, the focus on symptoms that had nice visualisations alongside them could be a little misleading. A lot of people with BPD don’t get hallucinations, for example. 

As such I wanted to share it alongside a little additional insider information about me, and some facts about BPD. For more, go to the BPD section of the Mind website, where you will find a lot of very helpful info.

BPD has 9 core symptoms and you only need 9/5 to meet criteria so presentations vary widely, and we are all individuals as well – our symptoms do not define our entire way of being.

I actually have all 9 symptoms, making it possible for me to talk about many angles of BPD, but also making my experience of it quite different from some other people’s. 

It’s very important to also bear in mind that I have a number of comorbid disorders, all of which affect my experience of BPD. 

And as far as the film is concerned, I only really talk about 3 out of the 9 BPD symptoms in the final edit (intense emotions, depersonalisation/ derealisation /dissociation (of which hallucinations are part), and identity disturbance)!

It’s very hard to get the full impact of what the VR was like in a 2D video – doesn’t come across anywhere near as cool as it felt to be inside it. 

But still, pretty cool.

It was a very special experience. Not so much being filmed, as using the VR, which was incredible. While this clip does not fully get the impact across, the technology has massive implications for helping people to understand what some mental health symptoms are like. 
I’d like to see people being able to go inside the 3D space and experience the drawings from the inside! 
But still, a great start. Even if I DO look like a rabbit trapped in the headlights.