She Was Brave

As per therapist’s instructions, I am working on challenging negative core beliefs. 

I have a lot of them.

And my ability to update my memory with new evidence to negate these is very poor. I generally struggle to remember what has been said within the session, and almost never take these details home with me. So I was asked to revisit these ideas and challenge them using art and writing. And I was advised to write down instructions. And to write a note to myself to remind me to LOOK at the instructions! Which was a good call, as I immediately forgot about them!

This is one of the drawings that happened while musing on this task… my therapist is back from his (3 week 😳) holiday on Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll have a chance to make some sense of things then!

Art Journal Sketch Series. Watercolour Pencil on Paper. ©Katy Matilda Neo, 2017.