Borderline Arts Virtual Tour!

You might remember that a while back some of my work was in an Exhibition by Borderline Arts, well, now you can check out my work and the work of a whole bunch of other artists with BPD using this AMAZING virtual tour 😀 😮 I LOVE it!!!

[The tour is also viewable in immersive 3D if you happen to have access to a Google Cardboard headset or similar!!!!]

In the back left corner of the ground floor is, in my opinion the best part of the exhibition – the Self-Soothe tent, where I spent most of the opening night well and truly soothing myself from how overwhelming it was to be there at all. Look very closely and you’ll see the notes I wrote while I was hiding in there and popped in the doorway inviting people to come in if they wanted to join me or chat about my work and explaining that I wasn’t exactly being anti-social, just that I was a little overwhelmed by trying too hard to be a human for too long!

You may also want to check out this video interview with the wonderful folks behind the exhibition.

Thanks so much to Borderline Arts for displaying my work, for supporting people with BPD, for aiding the destigmatisation movement, and generally being awesome. If you happen to live in the Derby area, check out their website as they have lots of really cool things going on for locals with BPD!