Today’s Art Therapy

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I’ve not been sharing much art lately. I have been too busy making my installation (watch this SPACE!), as well as planning a BIG move, having panicky meltdowns, fits of euphoria and burnout collapses…


I thought I’d share the product of today’s art therapy. I nearly didn’t make it to the group at all, I felt… strung out, stressed, overloaded and overwhelmed. But I went. And as always, it opened something up. Something deep. I love the process. It really enhances all the other work I’m doing inside and out and every week, what I create amazes me (the fact that I stay in the room and participate amazes me tbh!).

I. Just. Love. It.

This is the first piece:

Send in the Clowns (Mixed Media)

She needs to feel safe in her big wide world.
But always the risk that the edges will blur.
And the actor steps out on a brand new stage.
Not quite the same, somewhat tarnished with age.
But nonetheless returning to old fashioned ways.
So send in the clowns.
Or send them away.

And in somewhat stark contrast, yet somehow so related, the second creation of today’s art therapy was:

We Can We Can’t (acrylic on unstretched canvas).

On the inside.
On the outside.
We are real.
We are real.
What is more real to others?
What is more real to me?

Relapse, repent, repeat.